Canadian Team

Textron Systems Canada, with its team, is offering a 4×4 wheeled, armoured reconnaissance/utility vehicle specifically engineered to meet the Canadian Forces’ requirements for survivability, mobility and versatility across a broad spectrum of operations in the toughest terrain.

The Textron TAPV combines extensive research and development with five years working with the Canadian forces and harnessing 45 years of armoured vehicle experience to produce a vehicle that excels at meeting the Canadian Forces requirements for a common platform that meets both reconnaissance and utility missions

Textron Systems Canada has joined forces with the following companies:

Rheinmetall Defence

Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, Rheinmetall Defence has subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa, including approximately 250 employees at Rheinmetall Canada’s facilities in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec and Ottawa, Ontario. Rheinmetall Defence is a leading supplier of systems and equipment to the armed forces of Germany, its allies and other likeminded nations around the world. Last year, the Group’s 10,000 employees generated annual sales of approximately €2 billion. Reflecting its core competencies, Rheinmetall Defence consists of six divisions: Land Systems, Weapon and Munitions, Propellants, Air Defence, Simulation and Training, and Defence Electronics. One of the most trusted names in the global defence industry, Rheinmetall Defence is a true technology leader, building on a tradition of excellence dating back to 1889.

Rheinmetall Defence Informational Video


EODC is a 100 per cent IBD-owned Canadian company with engineering, manufacturing and field service capabilities as part of its delivery of IBD products to its North American customers. The company’s primary products include the Modular Expandable Armour System (MEXAS) Add-On Armour (AoA) protection kit, the Improvised Explosive Device Protection Kit (IED PK) and Mine Protection Kit (MPK). EODC is fully equipped to manufacture these kits and all ancillary hardware in-house.

The company is the exclusive representative of IBD technology in Canada and has the rights to design, manufacture and repair add-on armour for current and future Canadian MBT and LAV fleets. The company also provides repair and overhaul services for Leopard and LAV add-on armour and Leopard turret electrical components.

EODC is located at 1377 Triole Street, Ottawa, Canada. The company is equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing capability for the full manufacture and repair of its products. Plant equipment includes vacuum pressing tables, CNC machines, a waterjet cutting facility, a LectraTM cutting machine, a welding shop, a paint shop and a sand-blasting facility.

The company currently has a number of Add-On Armour Repair and Overhaul (R&O) contracts with the Canadian Forces in support of the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) and Leopard C2 fleets. EODC has also participated in the Canadian Forces Leopard C2 Upgrade Project and the U.S. Army Brigade Combat Team (BCT) program.

EODC will be providing IBD’s latest Advanced Modular Armour Protection (AMAP) fourth generation technology in support of the Textron bid for the TAPV contract. This newest technology includes the use of nano ceramics and nano-steels to provide superior protection at lower weight levels.

Kongsberg Protech Systems Canada

Kongsberg Protech Systems (KPS) is a business unit with the Kongsberg Group. The Kongsberg Group, established in 1814, is an international, knowledge-based group that supplies high-technology systems and solutions to customers in the oil and gas industry, the merchant marine, and the defence and aerospace industries. In 2010, Kongsberg had sales of $2.78 billion, and the Group had 5,681 employees in more than 25 countries.

Kongsberg Group consists of the following four business areas:

  • Kongsberg Protech Systems is the world’s leading supplier of Remote Weapon Stations (RWS). As of February 2011 the PROTECTOR RWS, consisting of six different versions, has been chosen by 17 nations with more than 15, 000 systems sold worldwide. KPS, along with Kongsberg Defense Systems, are the two business units within Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (KDA) which is the legal entity for the two business, will be the legal business partner for the proposal and contracts related to the TAPV Program.
  • Kongsberg Maritime delivers products and systems for positioning, navigation and automation to merchant vessels and offshore installations, as well as products and systems for seabed surveying and monitoring, and for fishing vessels and fisheries research. The business area is a market leader in these areas.
  • Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies provides technology, products and services for surveillance, integration, analysis, simulation, quality assurance, and governance of drilling and production operations.
  • Kongsberg Defence Systems is Norway’s premier supplier of defence and aerospace-related systems. The portfolio comprises products and systems for command and control, weapons guidance and surveillance, communications solutions and missiles. Kongsberg Defence Systems also makes advanced composites and engineering products for the aircraft and helicopter market.

Kongsberg Protech Systems (KPS) has a long tradition and experience from supporting and being supported by Canadian Industry for programs inside and outside Canada and has recently stepped up its engagement in Canada with its own production facility in London, Ontario which will manufacture Line Replaceable Units, assembly, test, R&O, etc for the TAPV program and for export to PROTECTOR RWS programs outside Canada. This has already resulted in local employments and given spin off effects to local Canadian industry and resulted in teaming agreements.

KPS’s tradition is to make extensive use of sub-suppliers and local industry. At KPS’s production facility in Johnstown, Pennsylvania which produces the Remote Weapon Station for the US Army, close to 80% of the production value is made by sub-suppliers. In this way the 200 direct jobs in Johnstown supports more than 1500 jobs throughout USA. KPSC’s plan is to use the same concept for KPSC’s production facility in London Ontario to manufacture the RWS for the TAPV program. Contract award for a major Program like the TAPV will therefore significantly expand both KPSC’s local employments and teaming and sub contracting from Canadian suppliers.

The RWS configurations and their sub systems delivered as part of the TAPV Program will become an important asset in KPS’s PROTECTOR Family of Products and be marketed and offered to KPS’s established – and new customers worldwide. This will generate significant business export opportunities for our Canadian suppliers and KPSC’s Canadian Facility.

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