Rheinmetall Canada and USIMAX Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for TAPV Project

ST- Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec – May 15, 2012 – Rheinmetall Canada Inc., a Rheinmetall Defence company, today announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with USIMAX for possible work on the Textron Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) for the Canadian Forces. Textron has submitted a proposal to supply 500 vehicles to the Canadian Army, with an option for up to 100 additional TAPVs. Rheinmetall Canada, as a partner to Textron for the TAPV program would use USIMAX as a subcontractor.

As a proven supplier to Rheinmetall Canada, USIMAX would be an important Canadian supplier for the Textron TAPV program. USIMAX manufactures machine and metal fabricated parts at its facility in St Georges-de-Beauce , Quebec, that would be used to produce Textron’s TAPV. Rheinmetall Canada is also intending to use USIMAX for additional orders under contract with Rheinmetall Canada such as gears for remotely operated weapon stations.

“The Government of Canada has stated it wants to procure the best possible equipment for the Canadian Army. We have engaged Rheinmetall Canada, who source from suppliers like USIMAX, to ensure that the Textron TAPV we propose to deliver will be the best option to protect Canadian soldiers,” said Neil Rutter, general manager of Textron Systems Canada.

“Rheinmetall Canada is proud to team with Textron Systems Canada on the TAPV project.  Should Textron be selected to provide the Canadian Army with its TAPV fleet, Rheinmetall Canada would perform critical engineering, production and Integrated logistic Support (ILS) work in Saint- Jean-sur-Richelieu, including sourcing of components from reliable suppliers like USIMAX ,” said Robert Fortin, director, Armoured vehicles at Rheinmetall Canada.

“USIMAX is proud to support Rheinmetall Canada for the upcoming TAPV program,” said Pierre- Albert Dion President of  USIMAX. “We have delivered machine parts to Rheinmetall Canada on various projects since 2005. The TAPV program is a major opportunity for USIMAX to potentially expand its business.”

The Textron TAPV is the most reliable and technologically advanced vehicle of its kind, and it draws on the company’s more than 45 years of experience in the design and production of armoured vehicles. A technology readiness level 8 vehicle, the Textron TAPV will provide the Canadian Forces with the optimal balance of survivability, mobility and versatility, while delivering outstanding performance in the world’s most challenging environment’s. Extensively tested to confirm ballistic, blast, mobility and reliability levels, the Textron TAPV has been engineered to meet and exceed Canada’s requirements.

If awarded the TAPV contract, Textron Systems Canada will become the prime contractor for the program; and through its Industrial and Regional Benefits obligations to Canada, Textron expects to bring new opportunities to other Canadian companies such as Rheinmetall Canada and USIMAX.

About Rheinmetall Canada Inc.

With engineering and production facilities in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and a business development office in Ottawa, Rheinmetall Canada is renowned for its expertise in the design and manufacturing of defence electronics, weapon systems, and vehicle integration for both domestic and international customers. For the Canadian Forces, the company is the prime contractor on several key programs, including the repair and overhaul of the Leopard 2 A4 training tanks and the close area suppression weapon – the army’s digitized 40 mm grenade launcher. More information is available at www.rheinmetall.ca 

About USIMAX .

USIMAX is a machine shop established in 1991. The business is managed by engineers and experienced machinists who deliver custom-design machining and assembly services. USIMAX manufactures a wide array of high-quality parts. USIMAX is known for its prompt delivery and professional technical support.USIMAX is especially renowned for its range of gear boxes that rank among the most reliable on the market. More information is available at www.usimax.com 

About Textron Systems

For information about Textron, please visit www.textronsystems.com.

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