Corum: A social consultation app

What’s wrong with today’s online consultation platforms? They don’t reflect the social experience we have elsewhere on the Internet.

Too often, they seem like they were designed by a pollster. “I ask. You respond.”

That’s not the way we expect to be treated. We want to participate in discussions in which we are all created equal. In which followership is earned by strength of ideas and clear thinking. In which we can take the conversation where it naturally leads.

At the same time, a conversation that’s simply stream of consciousness isn’t very helpful. We want to have purposeful conversations. Discussions that crowdsource ideas and then test them against what is feasible in order to obtain actionable results. We don’t want our time wasted We want our efforts to lead to real results.

And that’s where Corum comes in. A new kind of platform for citizen engagement. A social platform. A platform for purposeful discussion.

We’re in private Beta testing now. If you’d like to participate in the Beta or obtain more information about Corum’s public release, contact us using the Contact  link at the top of the page.

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